I am a very lucky woman.  I have wonderful friends and wonderful teachers and wonderful teachers who are my friends.  Somehow, The Universe saw fit to put me directly in the path of the perfect yoga mentor for me.  One day several months ago, Polly Sweitzer waltzed into the room to sub for a yoga class I was taking and my life has never been the same.  I knew immediately that I wanted more of what she has, and so, after some soul searching and bravery building, I took a leap of faith and asked her of she would mentor me.  I have been so grateful every day since then that she said YES! Another beautiful woman, Bea Wallace, started sharing her ideas and her spirit and soon we were three peas in a pod.  The energy is amazing when we are together.

It has long been a dream of Polly’s to open her own yoga studio.  As she told me of her ideas and dreams for this studio, I found myself building my own dreams of following her wherever she went and teaching with her.  Imagine my delight when the phone rang recently and I heard my Polly’s voice say, “Sarah, Yoga Sol opens very soon! Are you and Bea in?”

Does a yogini breathe through her nose?  HELL YES I’M IN!

And so, it is with great excitement that I announce the opening of Polly’s studio

Yoga Sol is located at 300 St. James Street in Columbia, MO.  Classes are still being scheduled with the full class schedule announced soon.  Classes will start Wednesday February 17th at 9 am with Polly teaching.  I will be adding 2 classes starting February 21st at 9 am (with a Wednesday class to be announced soon,) and Bea will be picking up some classes as well.  Classes are open to the public for $10 per class.  Bring your mat and an open heart.  Schedule will be published here when it is complete.  I hope to see you ALL there!

I will still be teaching my beloved regular classes at the gyms, but am SO excited to spread my wings and grow into a new space with a new vibe and a new heart with my soulsisters.  I’d love it if you’d join me at Yoga Sol – find your inner sun!


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