Day 11 of #28in28yoga (plus a little catch-up)


YES, yes, 28 in28 is still going on!  Hard to believe it’s nearly half over!  I have practiced at least in one form each and every day and it’s making huge changes in my life.  I feel free.  I feel open.  I feel excitement and peace.

I taught two classes on Monday.  It was snowy and cold and the weather and roads were gross.  I nearly canceled class, but am so glad that I didn’t.  Attendance was down and I only had 3 students in my hot yoga class.  Usually small numbers make for a challenging class.  There energy often just isn’t there and it can be difficult to feel a flow, a connection, with everyone.  Monday night, however, my 3 students filled the room with light and love and it was a great class.  I’m finally getting over my anxiety about touching my students.  I don’t like to do big adjustments – there is still so much I have to learn before I feel comfortable with that, but there are times when a gentle hand can make the difference between a meh and an AH HA!  Helping folks reach a deeper pose is one of the best parts of this gig. And let us never discount the power of human touch.  Yoga is about unions and, by touch, we connect with each other powerfully.  YAY!

Tuesday I didn’t do much online, didn’t blog, didn’t do affirmations.  It was my 9th wedding anniversary and, thus, I was busy loving and being loved.  I did practice meditation and pratyahara as I did something I have long wanted to do – I added another tattoo to my body canvas.  OM Namah Shivaya OM.

Yes, it hurt.  Yes, it was worth it.

Yesterday I taught again.  I love teaching and Wednesday nights are often my favorite.  The people in the room are just alive and dedicated.  It’s a joy to see people reach and stretch and see the strength lying inside of themselves.  The peace that comes over people when practicing yoga is visually evident and it spreads and is addictive.  I knew that one of my students was having a very hard time yesterday.  She was in a place of emotional pain and stress.  I greeted her with a warm hug and felt her energy shift.  As she practiced, I could almost see a light building around her, a light of peace, love, and hope.  At the end of class, I hugged her again.  Her energy was totally different.  She said, “I had no idea I could feel so peaceful and content in a time like this.”  And that, my friends, is the power of yoga!

Today I will practice a nice and relaxed Yin yoga and maybe some restorative stuff.  I feel the need to OPEN, having been stretched to the max already it seems.

Stay tuned – big announcement coming SOON!


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