Your Daily WORD! *


How should those who enter
the path apply their minds?
All things are originally uncreated
and presently undying.
Just let your mind be free;
you don’t have to restrain it.
See directly and hear directly;
come directly and go directly.
When you must go, then go;
when you must stay, then stay.
This is the true path.
A scripture says,
“Conditional existence is
the site of enlightenment,
insofar as you know it as it really is.”

– Niu-t’ou Hui-chung (683-769)

*So do “Today’s Affirmation to Take To The Mat,” but I think I’m also going to start doing “Your daily WORD” : little quotes, sayings, poems, or Koans that make you wanna say, “Umhum, I know that’s right!”


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