In praise of the home practice (Day 6 #28in28yoga)


First things first: I didn’t blog about yesterday’s practice.  The truth of the matter is that there was very little to write about.  My practice yesterday was  a few minutes of stretching, a few minutes of sitting (meditation,) and some time learning a new chant.  I cannot get too crazy learning these chants.  I have to only give each new one a few minutes a day while learning it or it gets all kinds of crazy.  When I learned The Gayatri Mantra, I tried to learn it all at once and I ended up getting frustrated and mixing up parts until I had completely lost the beauty of it that drew me in in the first place.  So, little bit here and there.

Today’s practice, however, was a more traditional “roll out the mat, light the Nag Champa, make a sacred space” kind of practice.  I LOVE a home practice.  I encourage everyone to develop one.  There’s nothing like yoga at home (or in the yard, or in a park, or anywhere you happen to be.)  It can be *whatever* you want it to be!  When I teach a class, I feel it’s very important to have a certain flow.  It’s helpful to be consistent with my students so they somewhat know what to expect.  For example, in class it wouldn’t be very cool to stand up, do 1 sun salutation, and then tell everyone to do a drop back into wheel.  At home, however, it’s TOTALLY cool to do that.  It’s even cool to roll back up from said wheel and bend directly forward, plant your hands, and raise up into bakasana!  At least, it was really damn cool when I did that an hour ago.  I threw a few headstands into the middle of my practice.  I spent a long time in bound balancing half moon (my own little variation – I’m sure there’s a name for it somewhere) figuring out exactly what it means to be grounded into the center of my foot.  I then took the knowledge I gained from that and put it into play.  The result?  A completely different Vrksasana than I’ve ever had before.  Much more solid, balanced, centered, ROOTED.  I wasn’t rushed.  I didn’t need to explain anything or have anything explained to me.  I could try and try again or skip something all together. I  could switch up the music.  I could stay in Pigeon for a crazy long time. I could give myself two (!!!) Savasanas if I wanted to (I did.)  I could do ANYTHING .. and so can you if you just roll out your mat and let yourself explore.  There’s nothing like it in the whole world.

Day 6 has been amazing. Each day has brought me something more.  I’m so excited to see what comes in the next 22 days.  JAI!

And just for a little bonus, SAY HEY!  I LOVE YOU!


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