Truth or … Truth!


Anyone who has ever taken one of my classes will tell you that I end all of them almost exactly the same way.  There is a three part honoring including touching our throat chakra so that we “may always practice Satya, the art of True Speech.”  This is a little deal that I learned from my mentor and the first time I experienced it, it changed my life.  I use it now every class, partially as a Carol Burnette inspired nod to my teacher (CB tugged on her left earlobe at the end of every show to tell her Mom she was okay,) but also because I think it’s beautiful and transformative.

I managed to get to one of my teacher’s classes last night and, again, she brought Satya to me in a new way.  Sitting in Sukhasana with wrists on knees with palms open to the sky, we brought our thumbs to each of the 4 fingers on each hand.  With each touch of thumb to tip of finger, we said a syllable of a 4 syllable mantra: Satya Name (SAHT-yah NAH-may,) meaning “Truth is my identity.”    Healing energy and affirmation ran up and down my spine, tickling all 7 chakras and resonating truth out of my throat.  Truth is my identity, indeed!

As a yogini, I am  a teacher, but I will also  always be a student.  The truth is that the more I know the less I know. The truth is that I am always seeking, always learning, always hunting for the next layer of my identity and learning to accept that, whatever it may be.  May we all walk this journey together.

Sat Nam



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