A lil bit o’ business


To my wonderful HOT yoga students

Notice that you didn’t sweat so much the last couple of sessions?  Yeah, me, too.   The thermostats were maxed out and the infrareds were on full blast and, still, we were doing “Meh Warm Yoga.”  I couldn’t figure out what was going on and contemplated really upping the pace and such to bring the heat, but then remembered that we are HUMANS, not robots, and we’re  on yoga mats, not the Autobahn.  Speed was not the issue, clearly.  During Surya Namasker B last night, however, a message came to me from above: a 90 second screech that made me drop to my knees and beg for mercy.  After my ears stopped ringing, I realized that it was a fan belt!   I also became aware the the fresh air circulation was running continually as opposed to cycling. AH HA!

I took my Nancy Drew self out to the desk after class and the lovely women wrote a note for Tia.  YES, YES indeed, it was the fresh air system that was causing our Hot to be kind of Not.  Tia assures me that this problem is being addressed today and, hopefully, it will be done in time for our class tomorrow evening.  WAHOOOO bring on the sweat!!

See you at 6:30!


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