Eagle Eyed


My Monday morning class is always a bit of a challenge for me. It’s early, I take my less-than-thrilled kids with me (they play in the play center,) the room is not my favorite (it’s often cold,) and I’m not really sure what / who to expect. I’m naturally driven to more intense practices and this class seems to thrive on more subtle body work. It all leads to me feeling unsure if I’m doing the right thing by these students. I’m never really sure. I just suit up, show up, and do the best I can.

This morning I followed my normal Monday morning routine. I woke extra early, walked my dog, showered and dressed, and then sat down for some stillness. I asked The Universe for guidance. What came to me was a voice chanting, “Garudasana Garudasana Garudasana” over and over again.

Garudasana, Eagle Pose, is a pose dedicated to clear sight. The balance and focus required to hold this pose often stills our minds so that we can see as an Eagle sees: over obstacles, in a clear path, seeing all at once. Touching our thumbs to our third eye during this pose also ignites our intuitive sight. It is incredibly helpful in guiding us through patches of our lives when we cannot see clearly (or plan Monday morning class!) Garudasana is even more than that! As we breathe into our back body, we are honoring our ancestors, our teachers, who have come before us. We connect with them and allow their vision and energy to enter us and guide us through life. It is a strong pose that lifts us up and carries us on the wind to where we want to be. It has always been powerful for me and I adore it.

This morning, I listened to that voice and I taught lots of Garudasana (using just arms at first, then using it in a Mandala Namaskar, and eventually moving into the full balancing pose.) I have taught the meaning of the pose to this class before. Imagine my feelings as one of my students approached me after class to tell me that she had lost her Grandmother last week and how she felt I had dedicated this class to her! She said she could feel her Grandmother with her, hear her voice, and felt happy and grateful. I had no idea, but my own Eagle teachers, my intuition, whispered it into my ears. It was clear, it was right, and I am grateful for it.

We all have the clear sight of The Eagle. We simply have to call upon it.



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