Playlist for Music Monday!


I have an intense relationship with music.  There is not one pivotal moment in my life that is not accompanied by a soundtrack.  Music is the pulse of my life and I have a lot of it.  I really like mixing and matching and blending and using music playlists to enhance experiences.  Music for my yoga classes are no exception.  I teach 3 classes a week and don’t repeat music too often.

I was asked by a sister yogini several questions about my playlists and one of the questions was, “Do you post your playlists so your students or others can use them?”  I have done this a few times, but nothing really official.  It got me thinking that I really should!  To that end, here is the playlist for the 60 minute heated yoga class I’m teaching tonight.  Please note that I normally don’t include more than one song per artist on a playlist, but in this one, Jason Mraz just works.
1)  Hymn of the Big Wheel – Massive Attack

2) In the Light of My Soul – GuruGanesha Singh

3) I’ve Been Thinking – Cat Power

4) One – Mary J Blige & U2

5) The Remedy – Jason Mraz

6)  Be Yourself – Morcheeba

7) Shanti /Asthangi – Madonna

8) Mr. Intentional – Lauryn Hill

9) Lucky One – Allison Kraus

10) Live High – Jason Mraz

11) Hey World (Don’t Give Up Version) – Michael Franti & Spearhead

12) Lexicon – Kruder & Dorfmeister

13)  Zen Garden Part 1 (Savasana Edit) – David & Steve Gordon

Total time  1:03.12


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