Part of the Process



It’s Sunday morning.  I love Sunday mornings.  I awake inspired, energized, ready for … well, just about anything, really.  I drink coffee in my pjs, I listen to great music.  My husband doesn’t have to rush off to work.  The kids are happy.  Even my dog, Hank, is extra mellow.  It’s a good time.  Energy flows and creativity is abundant.  Good thing because Sunday has also become my Work Day.

I teach two classes on Mondays.  Some times I have lots of classes following that.  For example, I’m teaching 8 classes in the next 9 days.  I’m super excited, a little nervous, but ready and willing and more than a little hyped up thinking about it.

I put a lot of work into my classes.  I know of so many yoga teachers who put on the music and let it flow.  Sometimes I do that, but I always want MORE for myself.  I like to spend the time thinking of what I want to get out of each class and what I want to give.  I think of new flows, new sequences.  I wonder about music.  I dream of it.  I write about it. I  see it when I close my eyes.  This is part of MY yoga. It’s part of my process.

I woke this morning thinking of a new way to link several different asanas together. I thought of music I might play and wondered which class would respond to MC Yogi and which classes would think I had lost my mind.  I opened my eyes and saw myself in front of my classes, speaking, guiding, moving, bending, stretching, BREATHING!  I could almost feel the energy swirl around me and let me tell you, it’s infectious.  Holy crow, I love my job!

But that’s sort of the thing – it’s not just my job.  I don’t think I would do it if it were just my J-O-B.  It’s like my worship.  It’s like my church.  It’s like my bliss.  It is my meditation.  It’s like my opium.  It’s my drug of choice.  It is a labor of love, it is a long slow deep holistic foreplay culminating in the ultimate yoga (yoga can be defined as union)  on and off the mat.  And I get to share all of that with anyone who wants it.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT???

I don’t know if I’ll always work through my process this way.  Probably not – that’s the whole point of a process, yes?  To learn, understand, grow, and move on?  I hope, however, that I will always have my Sunday mornings of mental asanas, of musical journeys, of dedicated devotion.  I hope I always attend my “church” in stretchy clothes, with heart as wide open as Wal-Mart at 6am on Black Friday, with my body singing praises of peace and enlightenment, and my whole existence expanding expanding expanding!

It’s all part of the process.



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