Today’s Affirmation To Take To The Mat


A little over a year ago, I went to a spiritual retreat for women.  At the end of this retreat, we did an activity where we whispered affirmations into each others ears.  Okay okay, it was a lot more complicated and glorious than that, but that’s not what this post is about, so deal with the basics, okay?  Anyway, there were about 60 of us and we all had different affirmations.  The event was so moving that I asked the person who organized that part of the workshop if she would send me a copy of all the affirmations and she did (Thanks again, Cindy!)

I took all of those affirmations, printed them, and cut them out into little strips.  I then folded them up individually and put them in a bowl.  Every day one of the kids would grab an affirmation at random and we’d read it aloud and repeat it to teach other throughout the day.  The effect it had was almost immediate – we were more peaceful, hopeful, encouraging to each other, more confident, happier, and more inspired.


Sometime in the past year, I joined Twitter (you can follow me there, it’s cool. If you’re cool, I’ll follow you, too, as long as you’re not a bot.)  One of the first things I started doing was tweeting my daily affirmations.  I’m not exactly sure why, but when something is so good, it has to be shared.  We get what we give and, well, I want some more of that so I better give it away!  Again, the response was almost instantaneous.  People responded with gratitude and passed it on.  Eventually thees evolved into Affirmations To Take To The Mat and I was no longer using the affirmations from my retreat – I was using affirmations from my heart.  Sometimes they are things that I’m feeling really strongly.  Sometimes they are things that I am needing to hear myself.  Sometimes they are light and funny, sometimes they are deep and almost heavy.  They are always under 140 characters.  😉

I have been asked to compile them all into one source and, while I’m not going to go back through the year and gather my tweets, I will start adding my daily affirmations here on this blog as well as on Twitter.  As they build, you’ll be able to sort through posts by category and affirmations will be categorized as TATTTTM.  So, with that, I leave with you with Today’s Affirmation, returning to the one that started it all…


Today’s Affirmation To Take To The Mat:

I am empowered with unconditional love.



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