Teaching Schedule

 I teach at Yoga Sol, located at 210B Saint James Street in the North Arts Village of Columbia, MO.  Yoga Sol has plenty of FREE parking and is centrally located between the University of Missouri, Columbia College, and Stephens College.

MONDAY at 12pm

Power Yoga: Get your sweat on, fly a little, and start the week off right!  Powerful vinyasa flow designed to build endurance, strength, and core power, this class will heat you up and leave you feeling empowered and centered.  GET IT!

MONDAY at 5:30pm

Gentle Yoga: Suitable for beginners, those with injuries, or for anyone looking for a slower paced practice.  Modifications and use of props instructed and encouraged.  Be gentle with yourself and love yourself exactly as you are!

FRIDAY at 9:30am

Friday Flyers: Join me for a  fun, fast paced, vigorous yoga flow including arm balances, inversions, and creative transitions between asanas including jump-backs and jump-throughs.  While this is an advanced practice, all are welcome to come and learn the basics of “flying,” even if, at first, your heart is the only part that soars!  There is always joy and laughter and lightness, regardless of experience level or ability.  Modifications are provided each step of the way.

SATURDAY at 10:30am

Soaring Saturday: The companion to Friday Flyers.  Spread your weekend wings!

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  1. Ashley Jenkins
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 02:47:08

    I am here with you: thought, spirit, and heavy heart, though we are strangers. I wish for you the radical presence of all the love. You have shared your practice so openly, admiration to you from across the pond. You have total permission to feel and take as long as you need.  I’m sending you love, warmth, trust, and encouragement. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Your beloved is on the greatest adventure; the pain you feel is for going this path without his physical presence; he will forever be with you. Though your heart is broken, I want to share this with you: http://www.yogananda-srf.org/HowtoLive/Understanding_Death_and_Loss.aspx …I remember your bio on elephant journal…the wild freedom you spoke of, ”  I need passion and freedom and to let the wild-child living inside of me bust out and dance free,” this taste is what Brian is now living. I do believe this. I have sorrow that your paths have departed, but know you are so rich to have held this love. I bow and see you.


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